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Health process of the future

A healt process is relatively simple in theory, but in practice we see that the step between diagnosis and treatment is often full of "trial and errors". You can think of looking for right diagnosis with the beste treatment. searching for the right diagnosis is very time-consuming, which delays the patients healing process.

In certain phases of a disease there is more need for knowledge from a system such as this symptom checker (Big data), while in other phases knowledge can be added to the system.
When we balance this process with each other, then the information is available as soon as it is necessary.

Health process



Thanks to, in many cases, you don't have to be a specialist to find treatments for medical complaints. Do you suffer from stomach pain or stinging headache? Follow the easy steps in this symptom checker and we'll give you appropriate advice.

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How to use is an interactive symptom checker that you can personally influence by sharing your knowledge about a health problem. By using machine learning the system will help you to find the best matching disease and/or treatment.

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