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Health process of the future

A healt process is relatively simple in theory, but in practice we see that the step between diagnosis and treatment is often full of "trial and errors". You can think of looking for right diagnosis with the beste treatment. searching for the right diagnosis is very time-consuming, which delays the patients healing process.

In certain phases of a disease there is more need for knowledge from a system such as this symptom checker (Big Data), while in other phases knowledge can be added to the system.
When we balance this process with each other, then the information is available as soon as it is necessary.

Health process



Thanks to Symptomchecker you don't have to be a specialist to find treatments for medical complaints. Do you suffer from stomach pain or stinging headache? Follow the easy steps in this symptom checker and we'll give you appropriate advice.

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How to use is an interactive symptom checker that you can personally influence by sharing your knowledge about a health problem. By using Artificial Intelligence the system will help you to find the best matching disease and/or treatment.

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Neurofeedback: Pak de oorzaak aan i.p.v. de symptomen

Whether it is stress, stress, a burnout, sleep problems or a congenital brain trauma due to a whiplash or concussion. In many cases, treatment of the associated complaints focuses on symptom management and not the underlying cause. And that is...

Vitamine C

What does Vitamin C do for your health?


  • Helps with fatigue / fatigue
  • Can help reduce the lack of energy

Nervous system

  • Plays an important role in nerve function

Blood vessels

  • Important for a good...


What is a fungal nail?

A fungal nail is a fungal infection of the nail. These are also called fungal nail.

The infection often starts at the nail edge and will then turn a white-yellow, green or brown color. Then the nail becomes thick and...


What is depression?

With depression you suffer from a gloomy feeling for a longer time than 2 weeks. You do not feel like doing something, you can have little of others and are easily angry.

There are different types of depression, each with...


What is a migraine?

Migraine is a severe form of headache and is often accompanied by:

  • Flashes of light
  • High sensitivity to stimuli
  • Aura phase:
    • Flashes of light
    • Feeling tingling in the limbs
    • Temporarily poor visibility
    • How common is...

What will become your age?
Simply calculate your life expectancy and find out what you can do to make it higher.
As you can see, you're able to influence your own life expectancy pretty easy.
With this calculator we try to simply visualize what you can do to stay healthy.
As you can see, official resources are used to setup this simple tool.
read more... Levensverwachting


Within the symptom finder tool you can leave a message, linked to a symptom or treatment. In this way you provide more context, so that other visitors can be helped even better.
Below you will find the last 10 reviews.

Ulcerative colitis
Als ik seks heb met mijn vriendin, breekt het zweet los. Ik kan dan niet slapen, droom niet, etc. Dan spelen de klachten (extra) op van Colitis Ulcerosa.
Selenium voor ondebenen oedeem ? Selenium voor oedeem van de onderbenen gebruiken???
Social phobia
heb beetje last van evenwichtstoornis,(soms een beetje slingeren)
Running eyes
Ik heb de Buisjes van Jones sedert 2008. Als de buisjes eenmaal goed ingekapseld zijn en goed geplaatst zijn, functioneren ze fantastisch. Helaas blijven ze slecht op de plaats zitten gedurende de eerste paar maanden en dan kunnen ze gaan zwerven. Ook kunnen ze verstopt raken en moeten dan vervangen worden. Na tien jaar heb ik links mijn 6e buis en rechts mijn 5e buis. Je moet dus wel goed gemotiveerd zijn.
Eustachian tube (obstruction)
Bedankt voor de grote hoeveelheid nuttige informatie ik ga zeker naar de huisarts.
Anaphylactic shock
Beetje grieperig
Eustachian tube (obstruction)
Mijn bovenkant van rechter oor al een paar dagen gevoelloos .
Wasps sting
3 a 4 keer gestoken door wesp. Op achterhoofd en kin. Voelde me raar worden, moest liggen. Hart begon te jagen en ademhaling ging moeilijker. Koud water hielp enigszins. 112 gebeld. Ambulance broeders zagen na tijdje hartslag dalen. Pijn van de steken bleef uren aanhouden. Is erop hielp.
Heb je je laten behandelen ? Zoja embolisatie of operatie ? Deel je ervaringen aub
Gallblader polyp
bij mij is een kleine poliep op de galblaas ontdekt. volgend jaar weer controle zei de huisarts