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Nutrients and iseases


Below is a list of nutrients compared to linked disorders and dietary sources.

These lists are listed in order of the added knowledge of healthcare professionals and visitors.

For some of the nutrients the proportions are indicated and when you move over the food source with the mouse, you see the recommended daily amount of RDA and the maximum recommended amount.These values are taken from official analysistables and data from manufacturers.

Read here more about the new nutritional guideline that are specified bij the Dutch health council per september 2018.


Linked diseases (top 100)

  1. Claudication (intermittent claudication)
  2. Alzheimer
  3. Syndrome, Syndrome
  4. Chronic fatigue syndrome - ME / CVS
  5. About Fatigue
  6. Memory impairment
  7. Overweight
  8. Muscular
  9. Xanthelasma - cholesterol accumulation
  10. Memory disorder
  11. Fertility Disorder
  12. Infertility
  13. Vascular Disease
  14. Dementia
  15. Heart and vascular disease
  16. Cholesterol disease
  17. Aging
  18. Brain Disease
  19. Deteriorated short term memory
  20. Hypercholesterolemia (familial)
  21. Heart disease
  22. Low cholesterol
  23. High cholesterol
  24. ADHD (Hyperactivity)
  25. Autism
  26. Infertility (men)
  27. Cognitive aging - aging of memory
  28. Lyme disease
  29. Reduced sperm quality