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Meralgia paresthetica

Meralgia paresthetica is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness, and burning pain on the outside of the thigh. The condition is caused by compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, a sensory nerve to the skin, as it exits the pelvis. People with the condition often notice a patch of skin that is sensitive to touch and sometimes painful. Meralgia paresthetica should not be associated with weakness or radiating pain from the back.


The treatment of meralgia paresthetica is symptomatic and supportive. Most cases improve with conservative treatment by wearing looser clothing and losing weight. Medicines used to treat neurogenic pain, such as anti-seizure or antidepressant medications, can relieve the symptoms of pain. In some cases, where the pain is persistent or severe, surgery may be indicated.


Meralgia paresthetica usually has a good prognosis. In most cases, meralgia paresthetica will improve with conservative treatment or even disappear spontaneously. Surgical intervention is not always completely successful.

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