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From now on SNOMED CT compatible

From now on SNOMED CT compatible

From now on, symptomszoeker.nl, the first in the Netherlands, compatible with international terminology system SNOMED CT.

What is SNOMED CT?
SNOMED CT is the international medical terminology system to ensure that healthcare information systems speak the same (technical) language. SNOMED CT is a systematically structured system of medical terms with associated synonyms, developed by and for healthcare providers. In direct patient care, the terms from SNOMED are used to unambiguously record complaints, symptoms, circumstances, disease processes, interventions, diagnoses, results and decision making.

What is the advantage?
Because the different topics are linked to a SNOMED-CT code, there is no longer any confusion between the different systems about the context or language of a topic. This suddenly makes it a lot easier to connect systems to each other and then conduct research with them.

What do I notice?
Within the symptom finder you can use SNOMED CT codes within the search window. At the moment we are not used to working with these codes, but towards the future you will notice that more and more systems are coming that are compatible with these SNOMED CT codes. Think of websites and electronic patient records.

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