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Eye disease

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Below you will find an overview of treatments that can help to cure or make the disease bearable, sorted or relevant.
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Disease group Treatment (support)
Eye disease
(Dry eye,
Computer Eyes,
Running eyes,
Itchy eyes,
Red eyes,
Burning eyes)
  1. Rinse with distilled water
  2. Endo nasal DCR
  3. Bional Oguvit ®
  4. Traanwegprothese (Jones tube)
  5. Eye drops
  6. Relaxation (eyes)
  7. Eye drops Prevalin
  8. Inflammatory
  9. Laser treatment
  10. Preventing sun
  11. Tear Substitutes
  12. Correction tear sticking point
  13. Sondage
  14. Painkiller (s)
  15. Ensure moist air
  16. Prednisone
  17. Paracetamol
  18. Vitamin A (retinol)
  19. Zinc
  20. Referral hospital
  21. External DCR
  22. Vitamine B2
  23. Omega-3
  24. Angioplasty is not total blockage
  25. Change of lenses
  26. Less computer work
  27. Wear sunglasses
  28. General practitioner
  29. Remove tear point
  30. Eyes shut
  31. Antibiotics
  32. Glasses
  33. Televisieloepen
  34. Lenses
  35. Magnifying glass
  36. Remove source of irritation
  37. Broccolli
  38. Eating Chervil
  39. Mulberries