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Disease group Treatment (support)
(Running (long distances beyond 20km),
Running (long distance,
Running (short distance,
+ / -5km)
  1. Slimrun
  2. Good running gear
  3. Sports for eating
  4. Buy good running gear
  5. Good warm-up before exercise
  6. Healthy Eating
  7. Shoes to be measured
  8. Use a sports watch
  9. Nutrition
  10. Cooling down after exercise
  11. Walking on soft ground (forest)
  12. Repeat round to mark time improvement
  13. Listen to your body
  14. Good shoes
  15. Isostar Poeder Hydrate
  16. Use mp3-player
  17. Training Schedule 10km
  18. Exchange training round off as much as possible
  19. Half marathon Training Schedule
  20. Enjoy Running
  21. Taking small snack
  22. use heart rate monitor
  23. Eating bananas
  24. Training program
  25. Listen to music