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Below you will find an overview of treatments that can help to cure or make the disease bearable, sorted or relevant.
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Disease group Treatment (support)
(Aging of the skin (i.e. lines),
Her Aging,
Cognitive aging - aging of memory)
  1. Omega-3
  2. Avoidance of stress
  3. MSM
  4. Protein Dnmt3a2
  5. Spirulina
  6. Flavonoids (blueberries, blackberries, etc.)
  7. Silicium
  8. Vitamin E
  9. Healthy Eating
  10. Turmeric
  11. Sufficient exercise
  12. Due to high blood pressure
  13. No smoking
  14. Vitamin C
  15. Silica
  16. Drink no alcohol
  17. Adequate drinking
  18. Sufficient sleep
  19. Limiting sugary foods
  20. Rubbing banana
  21. Drinking alcohol in moderation
  22. Chia seeds
  23. DMAE
  24. Not excessive sunbathing
  25. High dose vitamin B
  26. Wheatgrass
  27. Ginkgo biloba
  28. Brain Training
  29. Green tea
  30. Manganese (bananas, whole grains, buckwheat, beans, etc.)
  31. Regular intercourse (sex)
  32. Omega-6
  33. Selenium
  34. Meditate
  35. Preventing obesity
  36. Remain socially active
  37. Cacao
  38. Sufficient fish
  39. daily chocolate milk