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Coconut Oil-group

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These lists are listed in order of the added knowledge of healthcare professionals and visitors.

Food group Diseases
Coconut Oil
(Coconut oil on affected area,
Toothpaste based on coconut oil)
  1. Roundworms (ascaris lubricoides)
  2. Caries (tooth decay)
  3. Toothproblem
  4. Hemorrhoids
  5. By Lie (bedsores)
  6. worms
  7. Thrush
  8. Dementia
  9. Memory disorder
  10. Brain Disease
  11. Rheumatism (artritis)
  12. Vascular Disease
  13. Reuma
  14. Memory impairment
  15. Overweight
  16. Bowel disease
  17. Bacterial infection
  18. Autoimmune disease
  19. Alzheimer
  20. Chronic fatigue syndrome - ME / CVS
  21. Rose
  22. Concentration Disorder
  23. High blood pressure
  24. Hormone disorder
  25. Parasite
  26. About Fatigue
  27. Psoriasis
  28. Yeast infection (vagina)
  29. Reduced resistance
  30. Acne
  31. Muscle recovery after exercise
  32. Muscular Rheumatism (PMR)