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Patient Feedback Loop to complement AI?

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  • 2023-11-24
Patient Feedback Loop to complement AI?

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, AI solutions have proven to be a game changer. They have the potential to improve diagnoses, optimize treatment plans and transform overall patient care. We are about to take a major leap forward that will improve the future of AI in healthcare – the implementation of a Patient Feedback Loop.

What is a Patient Feedback Loop?

The Patient Feedback Loop is a simple, yet revolutionary concept that has the potential to further innovate the healthcare industry. It's all about collecting direct feedback from patients about their experiences with the treatments offered. The mechanism is simple: patients are automatically asked 3 months after treatment to let them know in an easily accessible manner whether the treatment has helped. This feedback is then linked to the specific treatments in the electronic patient records (EPDs). We can then feed the feedback from many patients back to the healthcare provider as a copilot, so that he or she can learn and adjust based on the feedback.
Ultimately, we also feed this information to the AI models, which will also improve the quality of these outcomes.

The benefits of a Patient Feedback Loop are:

1. Improved Quality of Care: Direct input from patients allows healthcare providers to customize and refine their treatments to meet the unique needs and expectations of each patient.

2. Increased Patient Involvement: Patients become active participants in their care process and feel heard.

3. Continuous Learning for AI: AI systems can take advantage of this valuable feedback to continuously improve their algorithms and prediction capabilities.

4. Risk management: Early identification of problems and dissatisfaction among patients can lead to faster intervention and risk management.

5. No extra workload: Because it is automated, it will not cost the care provider any extra time.

What makes this different compared to existing questionnaires?

The Patient Feedback Loop is simple, 100% automated and therefore scalable, making it a high-quality addition without requiring much effort from already busy healthcare providers.

Building the Future Together

We cordially invite EHR vendors and hospitals to participate in this development. Let's work together towards a future where AI is not only based on existing data, but also encompasses the human experience.

We are excited to explore the possibilities of putting this concept into practice and taking the healthcare industry to new heights. If you are interested in exploring this groundbreaking idea or have any questions about how you can participate in this initiative, please feel free to contact us.

Together we can shape the future of healthcare, where technology and human care come together seamlessly to improve patient well-being.

Contact us at info@symptomzoeker.nl

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