Lactose vrij? Waar moet je op letten?

Often the period before you discover that you have lactose intolerance is accompanied by years of unexplained abdominal pain and diarrhea. When you have finally found that you cannot tolerate lactose, the following question arises: What can I eat or not eat?
With this page we try to give you some tools to understand this.
To be clear, lactose intolerance is not the end of the world, but you have to understand the "tricks".

Follow the steps below to make sure there is no lactose in your food:
  1. Look on the back of the label for the allergen information. The names below are NOT allowed:
    • Contains lactose
    • Contains cow's milk protein
    • Contains milk
  2. Look on the back of the label and make sure that none of the substances listed below are present in the food.
    • Milk
    • Dairy
    • Skimmed / Full Milk Powder
    • Skimmed / Full / Dry milk ingredients
    • Curd / Whey / Whey powder /
    • Caseinate / Casein / Milk protein
    • Hydrolysed milk protein
    • Milk derivative
    • Lactose / Milk sugar
    • Cheese (except Dutch cheese)
    • Margarine (not vegetable)
    • Cream / Butter / Butter Concentrate
    • Butter Oil / Milk Fat / Milk Salt
    • Yogurt
    • Lactalbumin / Betalactoglobulin
    • Lactoperoxidase / Lactoval
    • Recaldent / Transglutaminase
    • E234 / Nisine

Do you want to eat out and not want to pay attention to the ingredients? Then use the harmless means: Kerutabs

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