How does work?

Symptomchecker is an interactive diagnostic tool that you can personally influence by sharing
your knowledge about a health problem.

Three Steps
In two steps you'll soon have more clearness about your health problem. Make a third step and you are also helping fellow sufferers!

  • Step 1 - What are your symptoms?
    Insert your symptoms as far as possible in the first part of the tool. Not able to fill all components? No problem! The system helps you to filter the results.
    By clicking on one of the seven checkmarks you can search and select topics.
  • Step 2 - We search the most common advice
    Click on 'advice' to view the results. Isn't there any advice? Remove some less relevant topics from step 1 and click the button 'advice' again.
  • Step 3 - Share your experience!
    Do you have more information about symptoms, health problem or treatment, to share with us? Click the 'Logging' button or press at the subject that suits your situation. This button ensures that your input will be used in a next search.

Review subject
Use the to add a note at the related subject to help fellowsufferers.

By clicking on behind the subject, the image will be enlarged.

For further questions don't hesitate to contact us.