Thanks to Symptomchecker.info, in many cases, you don't have to be a specialist to find treatments for medical complaints. Do you suffer from stomach pain or stinging headache? Follow the easy steps in this symptom checker and we'll give you appropriate advice.

Quick and easy

Nice about this tool is that you can search quick and easy. Within minutes you know where the complaints are coming from and what you possibly can do about it. Simpler is almost impossible. We are your personal complaints assistant!

Help each other

Symptomchecker has the knowledge and experience of thousands of people combined and gives it back on a small presentation tray after using Artificial Intelligence. The system will use your experience, so you can help another. Due to the continuous updates, the system can provide us with the latest treatments.
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Caution! Symptomchecker.info is not ment as a replacement for your doctor but as support. We recommend treatments to take place in consultation with your doctor.